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The world is seeing a revolution in the use of Artificial Intelligence and in particular Machine Learning development. This is due to the fact that Machine Learning has made a huge jump in the way data is processed. The demand for these skills is very high these days and the supply of quality solutions providers in this area is very scarce. Alafaq IT has more than three years experience in this new field. Various types services will be provided to serve clients:

  • Data preparation is a service where we help clients organize and/or process their data to be used by Machine Learning applications,
  • We can help the clients design and build the necessary neural network architecture that best suits their needs,
  • Module training and fine tuning, and
  • Develop the necessary software in Python, C++, or any other programming language.

A year spent in artificial intelligence is enough to make one believe in God.

In general, AI systems work by ingesting large amounts of labeled training data, analyzing the data for correlations and patterns, and using these patterns to make predictions about future states. In this way, a chat-bot that is fed examples of text chats can learn to produce lifelike exchanges with people, or an image recognition tool can learn to identify and describe objects in images by reviewing millions of examples.

AI programming focuses on three cognitive skills: learning, reasoning and self-correction.


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The world is seeing a revolution in the use of Artificial Intelligence and in particular…

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