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A Mobile app for agriculture products.

Simplicity is the key. After doing a research about the targeted clients, we had an idea of how they need the app. It should be simple and clean.  No muss no fuss. After all, it’s not an app for technicians!


This app is designed to get straight to the point. Categories with sub categories that made sense to the targeted clients.  Easy add to button with out the need to open the product details unless there are options to choose such as color or size. Appropriate image sizes without the need of zooming. Setting the user account with address and contact details is clear and easy as well as submitting an order and choosing the payment option desired.

The app is linked to an open-cart website which can be linked to several social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

The App can be found in Apple Store and Play Store for both iOS and Android users.


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